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Neighbor’s little boobs

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Neighbor’s little boobs
She was my neighbor and lived alone with her son. I often watched her walk her son to school, wave to him, and go back to the house to work. At this moment, I wanted to have time to get into the closing door, press her against the wall and caress her small breasts, which were always without a bra, and finally remove these jeans from the small ass. When I imagined it, my cock would burst my pants and not let me live in peace. I noticed that she also looked at me when I was in the garden or going out. After a few weeks, I decided. I waited until morning, when she would go into the house and resolutely went to her. I stood in the doorway and asked for salt or flour…I don’t remember. She smiled and invited me into the house. When I went into the kitchen and saw her trying to get something from the top shelf and her T-shirt lifted so that I could see her tender back, I didn’t know what happened with me. I was immediately behind her and risking everything, I hugged her from behind and squeezed her small tits. I thought she was going to hit me. But when she turned to face me, I saw the same lust in her eyes. She grabbed my cock through my pants, and I knew without a word that it was hot. I took off her T-shirt and began to bite her nipples. She moaned and unbuttoned my jeans. I was very excited by her pink nipples, I wanted to fuck her pussy. When I took off my panties, I saw that she was completely shaved. I pressed my lips to it and tasted it. I almost become crazy because it was so smooth and wet. I slipped two fingers into it and began to move very quickly. She seems to like hard sex. She arched and pushed deeper into my fingers. I began to massage inside with my fingers and kiss her breasts and lips. Then she screamed and I felt her squirt. More and more moisture began to appear like a small fountain and her body shuddered. Then I put her on the kitchen table and inserted my cock into her wet, dripping pussy and fucked her hard until I came. I kissed her and we went to the shower together. I think we should start living together. I can’t live without this crazy woman.

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