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Party with Lesbians

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Party with Lesbians
I booked for myself two pretty girls for the whole night to have a real threesome party after my divorce. I spared no expense and chose the most expensive ones. One with a big ass and a nice pussy and the other with big tits and great long legs.
I set up a hidden camera so I could keep the video for myself and remember the sweet moments later. When they came to me, I was delighted, so clean and beautiful. They smelled nice. I asked them to do a sexy dance and then they stroked me and said dirty words to me. It was so arousing that my cock was ready to explode. I took the one with the big gorgeous ass and started fucking her from behind at the same time touching her tits. I love anal sex, when you can watch the cock fully enter her hole and she moans so sweetly. When I decided to take a break, they put on a real lesbian show for me. They licked each other’s pussy and kissed, shoving their tongues deep into each other’s mouths. I was ready to cum and the girl with the cool tits started sucking my cock without a condom while the other kissed me on the lips. Then the two of them started sucking my cock together and touching me in four hands. I came with a loud moan and an incredible orgasm. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time. The three of us had a great time, I want to do it again. I also remembered my hidden show.
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